Miniatures World of Warcraft Buildings Project – HO scale pt 7

Well, I was not happy with the window frames.

To me they looked too “two dimensional” so I took them and the door frames off and gave them a texture.

50% water to 50% white glue using torn up napkins do the trick.


Here is a door frame before texture. The window frames looked the same.


Here are two window frames where I tested colors after texture dried. The gray (on the right) just seemed too flat so I went with the silver on the left; which is actually nail polish.


Redone windows and doors.

Also, I’ve been asked how I weather: Just use very little paint of a light color over dried dark base as shown.

Miniatures World of Warcraft Buildings Project – HO scale pt 6

GEHere are the Signs and Mailbox assembled, Porch well on it’s way, and Rafters for roof of Bank building waiting to be textured. Also I’m showing a dollar bill so you can gauge size.
Just checking fit of Rafters for the Forge.
View from top of Forge Roof. I’ll be leaving everything in separate pieces until I decide on wiring for lights.
I looked into doll house lighting just for comparison and am still getting over sticker shock!
…and The Inn, pretty much the same level of completion. Also show are Door and Window frames with painted Roof material ready to be cut into Shingles.